September 02, 2008

Summer redeemed

As hoped and prayed for, we had fabulous weather this Labor Day weekend for our camping trip to Lake George. This was one of the nicest weekends of this lost and rainiest summer ever. We did a little bit of everything from shopping, to taking a steamboat ride, taking in the kitsch, and spending ample time on the beach. I've been to touristy places before, but Lake George takes on a mega-hyper-superduper form of it that rivals Niagara Falls. But, as I say, touristy places are such for a reason. When it got to be a bit much, we headed over to the more subdued and lovely Saratoga Springs. There will likely be more exploring of the Adirondack region in our future.

Now, can I have some more please? No? I didn't think so.


Adventure girl said...

Thanks for sharing. love them!

Anonymous said...

i came here to your blog the long and convoluted way through links and references on other blogs... beginning at pia's and thoroughly enjoyed reading about this years photographic journey. the subjects, the colors and post processing of your photos is magnificent!