September 13, 2008

Mmmmmmmm .... ponki

If you were to watch the Simpsons in Poland, you'd be hearing Homer saying "Mmmmmm .... ponki" a lot, because "ponki" are Polish donuts. And in my humble Eastern European opinion, they beat any North American donut hands down. For one thing, what's with the hole in the middle of a donut, when you could fill it with cream or jam. That is valuable donut real estate. No self-respecting Polish donut would be caught dead with a hole in its centre.

We are lucky to have a Polish bakery just down the street from us, and whenever we visit Andrew and Maggie and their kids Colin and Robert (as we are tonight), we bring ponki. In fact, the first words out of the kids mouths are usually, "Did you bring the Polish donuts?!?!?!"

Now, I wish I could bring this post to you in some sort of smellorama, because these smell as incredible as they taste.


Anonymous said...

One word of advice: the cream filled Ponki's sell-out in about 15minutes on Saturday mornings.

Adventure girl said...

Yummy! Now I want a donut;)

Anonymous said...

Ah, Paunchskees (which I how I say it). Somehow Ponki does not quite convey the full syllabic delight of their name.

I was introduced to them by Peter. He's half Polish as you may know (well his last name sure gives it away LOL).

I have to stay away from these delectabuhls... cuz they are just a leeeetle too good. Luckily for my waistline we live a leeeettle too far from Wawel!

Hey, something perfect for you, btw... (I urled it in my name too, for ease of click)

ana_jo said...

oh, how great you've describe our 'paczki' :)

Maggie said...

Yay ponki/paczki/paunchskees! And thanks for camping out in front of the bakery so we can all enjoy.

(I think the boys don't love you just for the doughnuts. Probably.)