December 19, 2011

Intimate Fragments

When one thinks of Versailles, one usually thinks of pomp, decadence and indulgence. Despite its size and grandeur, I was surprised at how intimate it could feel. I thought that, at times, its occupants must have tired of the obligations of state, and perhaps of the grandness of it all. So I sought out the quiet spaces and little details, imagining the hidden moments that have been lost to time and history.

November 16, 2011

Nice in Nice

I'm taking a short break from processing wedding photographs and packaging print orders to fondly reminisce over my strolls through Nice, with its palm trees, medieval labyrinths of the old city, Italianate facades, colorful markets, beautiful pastel colors and charming windows. Here is beautiful Nice from sunrise to sunset.

October 27, 2011

Doug and Heather Getting Married

Heather and Doug got married in the most gorgeous rustic setting. A drive up a country road lead to a farm spread out over several acres. We started the day with the portrait session; walking among the apple trees, up dirt roads, and meeting a few animals along the way. The ceremony took place on a hilltop overlooking a stunning mountain landscape. Afterwards, we all moved to the garden for the cocktail hour, which ended up being crashed by a good-natured cow who enjoyed some appetizers and our company. The reception was held in the barn and the barn cat made himself at home. I've never seen so many animals at a wedding! It was an absolutely delightful day and I wish Heather and Doug much happiness in their new life together!