September 28, 2010

Classic car porn

Today's cars are so boring in comparison to these classic beauties. I just couldn't get over the shapes and colors. Car manufacturers, please bring back these stunning colors. The other night I dreamt that I bought a beautiful blue BelAir, but it was new ... and a hybrid.

September 22, 2010

A typical morning in the life of Dexter Morgan

So, who here is a huge Dexter fan like me? I can't wait until Sunday when the new season premieres. As a tribute, I created this treasury on Etsy, largely inspired by the show's opening credits. I can hear that music in my head already ....

September 20, 2010

Of a feather

While working on my New York City calendar, I came across these almost-forgotten photographs I took at the Museum of Natural History. I thought they'd made a lovely little set. Photographing stuffed animals always feels like cheating, but they hold their own appeal and fascination for me.

September 15, 2010

2011 Calendars

My Etsy shop is full of new 2011 desk calendars. Seven to be exact! Here are some sample pages.








Calendar pages come unbound and measure 5x7". Here are two examples of how you can display them.

September 09, 2010

Do you realize that we are floating in space?

"Do you realize that you have the most beautiful face.
Do you realize that we're floating in space.
Do you realize that happiness makes you cry.
Do you realize that everyone you know will someday die."

I just adore this song by the Flaming Lips.

September 02, 2010

Carnival desires

Step right up to the sweet spot
And satisfy your carnival desires
This is the place for true confections
The adrenaline rush and the sugar rush
If you are afraid of heights
Make this the summer you dared

September 01, 2010

End of Summer Sale!

See details below

Summer is drawing to a close (boooo)
So I'm having a sale (yay!)

I'm running two different sales in my shops. Here's the scoop:

In my isphotography shop: Save 25% on all orders until September 30. Simply enter the code SUMMER25 and your discount will be applied immediately.

In my Etsy shop: From September 1 to 8, buy one print and get one free (of the same or lesser value). This applies only to prints 8x12" and smaller in size and does not apply to print sets. Put only the print(s) you are paying for in your cart and enter the title of the free print(s) in the Message to Seller box upon checkout. (Applying discounts is a headache on Etsy, hence the BOGO sale.)