May 26, 2010


Although my home isn't as adorable as these homes in Burano, it's good to be back with TB, my cat Six, and all that is comforting and familiar. I had a wonderful trip and I'm thrilled with the photographs I took. They'll be keeping me busy for many months to come.

But in the middle of this heat wave we're having, nostalgia is simmering and my lazy, hazy brain finds itself reminiscing, remembering and missing:

  • The colors! My God ... the colors! Pinks, yellows, peaches, blues, greens. Villages like Burano and those in Cinque Terre are works of art. The houses are the canvases onto which the most amazing colors have been painted and one feels as though one is walking through a dream.
  • Taking a vaporetto instead of the bus in Venice
  • Tagliatelle (pasta) with truffles
  • Cafe Americano con latte
  • The amazing croissants I ate every day for breakfast while in Tuscany
  • Tomatoes bursting with flavor
  • The gentle rolling hills of Tuscany
  • The chance to photograph such incredible beauty for hours each day

May 14, 2010

Postcards from Italy

The church bells are ringing in Riomaggiore as I send you these few postcards from Italy. There's been a fair amount of rain and not as much sun as is usual for May, but my camera has been enjoying the variety of weather and light. Yesterday evening the light was magical as the sun broke through the stormy grey skies. Luckily, I happened to be standing with a magnificent view before me when it happened. It looks as though it has stopped raining for now, so I'm off for some lunch and a stroll. Tomorrow ... Siena and Tuscany. Ciao!

May 06, 2010


Later this evening I'll be boarding a plane for Italy. On the itinerary are Venice, Cinque Terre, and Tuscany. I hope to bring back many pretty pictures to share when I return in a couple of weeks. Ciao!

May 03, 2010

Happy Roid Week!

Polaroid Week has begun over at flickr. Check out this group and if you have any new polaroids to upload, you could win a pack of film ... worth it's weight in gold these days.