May 20, 2011


In a few hours I'll be getting on a plane bound for Paris (YUL is the airport code for Montreal and CDG for Charles de Gaulle in Paris). Excitement doesn't even begin to express how I feel about this trip. I'll be spending a week in Paris. I've rented an apartment near the Luxembourg Gardens through New York Habitat. It has a huge window and a fabulous view and I plan on eating baguettes smothered in various cheeses while looking at it. After my week in Paris, I board a train to the south of France, where I'll be staying in Nice and Provence. The last few days of my journey promise to be an incredible and unforgettable experience.

While I'm gone, I probably won't be blogging much. I'll try to do shorter and more frequent updates on Facebook. I don't tweet much, but I hope to do so more during this trip. I'm eyepoetry on Twitter.

I'll be back on June 5. Until then, adieu mes amis!

May 18, 2011


As I wrap up my New York City posts (for now), I'm already packing for my next trip. Where did the time go? I'll be back on Friday to say goodbye before I board my plane.

May 10, 2011

New York Noir

Even though I work mostly in color, I still adore black and white photography. It lends itself so well to the drama of New York City, particularly at night.

Some of you have been asking about prints. I'v been adding many of the photographs I've been blogging to my shops. They can be found in my Etsy shop and in my personal shop.

May 05, 2011

Last of the Bohemians

Some of the best balconies and fire escapes in the city are found in Greenwich Village.

The arch and its design details in Washington Square Park.

Yes, the cappucino is fabulous here.

I mean really. Just look at that.

The house used as Carrie Bradshaw's apartment building in Sex and the City.

Magnolia Bakery was featured in a Sex and the City episode. It's not hard to see why. Its retro interior is so very charming. And the cupcakes, with pastel-colored icing like mint and lilac, are yummy.

My favorite neighborhood to stroll through is Greenwich Village. It has a unique charm, with its more haphazard street layout revealing its origins as a rural hamlet. How I would have loved to have experienced it in the 1960s, at the height of its bohemian heyday.

May 02, 2011

Bright lights, big city

At night the streets become rhythmical perspectives of glowing dotted lines, reflections hung upon them in the streets. The buildings are shimmering verticality, a gossamer veil, a festive scene-prop hanging there against the black sky to dazzle, entertain, amaze.
- Frank Lloyd Wright