November 20, 2008

Love is all around

The other weekend I did my first engagement photo shoot. The extremely handsome and photogenic couple, Mark and Sarah, made my job pretty easy. They're so good at making the googly eyes at each other, don't you think?

November 07, 2008

You may be old, but you're beautiful too

Yesterday was just so gorgeous (especially for a November day in Montreal) and it was a perfect day to go out and do some location scouting in Old Montreal for an upcoming engagement photo shoot. I love that location scouting is part of my job description :)

Happy weekend!

November 03, 2008

Marking the days

Ever since I saw many wonderful calendar ideas on Etsy last year, I've been wanting to design my own calendar, and now I have! It features 12 of my photographs and is now available in my Etsy shop. It's a desk calendar, which uses a special jewel case which is designed to hold the calendar pages and folds back to create a stand. Pretty clever if you ask me.