January 25, 2011

Duane & Emily Getting Married | Montreal Wedding Photographer

A couple of weekends ago I photographed my first winter wedding. Yes, there was trepidation, but the weather gods smiled down upon us. In addition, Duane and Emily come from hearty stock. They were completely up for doing some portraits outside in the -4 degree temperature. We also had access to a most awesome location for the major portion of the portrait shoot: an airplane hangar! Needless to say, this was one unique wedding and such a fun shoot! Congratulations Duane and Emily (and Charlie of course)!

January 05, 2011

All was quiet

The most thick, luscious fog rolled in on New Year's morning. I couldn't have asked for a better start to 2011, especially after being hit with the Great Canadian Stomach Flu of 2010 after Christmas. Ugh. The excitement I felt that morning mirrored my excitement over the new year and all the projects and plans rolling around in my head. I hope your year got off to a grand start too!