December 22, 2008

Christmas time is here again

Don't worry, be merry

Have a super holiday

But if the tree starts to look like this, it's time to put down the egg nog

Much love and happiness to you all in the new year

December 18, 2008

Going medieval on winter

Thanks to Ellita on Etsy, I'm going to be warm and stylish this winter in one of her unique, knitted wearable works of art. She makes the most gorgeous scarves, collars, stoles, cowls, and capelets. Many have a hint of the medieval or Elizabethan about them. And she has some of the most gorgeous product photography in her shop.

I bought the first one pictured: the Royal Leaf Button Collar. Not only is it stunning, but it is so well-designed. It keeps the entire back of the neck and shoulders covered, which seals in the warmth. I love that the collar can be rolled down, or on those colder days, rolled up to cover the ears. Not being a hat person, I just love this about it.

Eat it winter.

December 10, 2008

City of Love

When I went to Paris this past summer, I knew that the greatest challenge in photographing such an iconic city would be to find a new way and my own way of capturing it. This series captures my love for this most beautiful city as well as expressing the notion of Paris as the world's capital of LUV.

And I have some exciting news related to the first photograph, "Paris is for Lovers". An art buyer from Urban Outfitters contacted me because they were interested in licensing the image to sell as a canvas print in their stores. I'm pleased to announce that the deal was recently finalized.
Zut alors!

December 04, 2008

A haiku to bokeh

bare winter branches
quick, cover them up
with bokeh*

*Bokeh is photographic term that derives from a Japanese word that roughly translates as "blur". The qualities of good bokeh are smooth gradations and spherical out-of-focus highlights (as opposed to those with jaggies).

December 01, 2008

Souvenirs de Paris

I'm feeling a little nostalgic for Paris these days, imagining what it must be like around Christmas with all the lights decorating the city. I've been to Paris in the spring and the summer. I think it will have to become my mission to visit in the fall and in the winter one day. Until then, these photographs I took this past summer will have to do.