August 26, 2008

Mad about Mad Men

TB and I caught an episode of Mad Men while traveling in Maine last summer. Because it hadn't aired in Canada, we ended up downloading the first season and now we're downloading the second, which is now airing in the US. It's currently one of my favourite shows. CTV is planning on running it in Canada later this year, although they haven't specified exactly when yet.

It's about a group of cads, scoundrels, and sinners and their wives, but mostly mistresses. Yes, of course they're in advertising. It takes place at the dawn of the 60s, when a deal was sealed with a scotch and a cigarette in the conference room. It recreates the era beautifully and taps directly into its zeitgeist.

If you find it hard to identify with these types of characters, it may not be the show for you. Few of them have many redeeming qualities. But the writing and luxurious vintage feel are irresistible to me.


Snowpea said...

Oh, Peter and me are fans too. The clothes! The furniture! The styling!

The ceaseless smoking! The constant drinking! And the rampant naughtiness! LOL

But but but the clothes! :-o

Irene said...

Oh I know! We're such schlubs next to these guys and gals. But not nearly as naughty.