July 04, 2008

Taking off

Tomorrow I'm leaving on vacation to spend a couple of weeks in France. I'll be in the Aquitaine region in the south west (also known as Le Pays Basque, which borders Spain) as well as my favorite city in the world, Paris. Le sigh.

It won't be much of a restful vacation as much as a photographic orgy (of landscapes and cityscapes, I assure you). But it certainly will be enjoyable. Meh. Rest. There'll be plenty of time for that when I return.

I'm not sure how much Internet connectivity I'll have while away. If possible, I'll post a few times, though I'm looking forward to saying goodbye to my computer for a while and hello to my camera. Have a wonderful July!


Geisslein said...

wish you a very nice, eventful, inspiring and funny trip! looking forward to see whats new on your blog!
summer greetings from geisslein

Anonymous said...

Your art is absolutely beautiful... I look forward to more inspiration... oh and I hope you have a lovely holiday, I am visiting France for the first time next October... :-)

Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

You have a lovely style to your work! I very much enjoy viewing it!