July 22, 2008


I returned from my vacation in France last Thursday, but needed a few days to recuperate from jet lag and sore bones from carrying all that camera equipment around.

I had a wonderful time and my eyes were treated to a variety of landscapes. I explored a region of France I'd never been to; Aquitaine, along the Bay of Biscay. Here I photographed seascapes with crashing waves and beautiful morning light along sandy beaches, as well as still lakes and misty forests. Then it was off to Paris to photograph an especially photogenic city.

I also decided to purchase Adobe Lightroom before beginning to work on my photographs. Normally after uploading my photographs to my computer, I just want to headily dive in and start working on them in Photoshop. But, as my collection of photographs grows, it becomes more and more unmanageable. So, Lightroom to the rescue! Now I can create a true library of images that's easy to manage. That means a bit of a learning curve and retraining myself to be more disciplined in my approach. So, the images will begin to slowly trickle out over the weeks (and probably months). Stay tuned!


Liz said...

Oh Paris... I love those trees and the benches underneath them... Particularly love your shot here, with the ribbon of sky running down the center

Geisslein said...

finally back!
Looking forward what you have for us :o)
have a very nice day

Cindy and Matt said...

What an incredible image..can't wait to see more.

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