June 16, 2015

Get Around

Even though for the past few years Cubans have been able to buy new cars, the vast majority of cars are pre 1960 classics. Cuba must have some of the best and most creative mechanics around, as they have been able to keep these cars going all these years without new parts; instead using whatever parts they could find from other cars or even other appliances. It is rather incredible and impressive.


Unknown said...

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Jessica said...

Ahh they just don't make them the way they used to, do they? What gorgeous constructions. Such a fun post :)


Catharine said...

I really love these photos. The pastel color..the story told from the photos.. beautiful!

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Unknown said...

Love your photos! But, please, don't try to put poetry in such a suffered country. Mechanics aren't "creative", they simply have no choice. It's sad to see people simply ignoring the great number of liberties and lives taken from population every day. Don't support dictatorship. Your work is so beautiful, it represents life, not death.

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