November 27, 2013

All the Pretty Horses - Part 2

More of the beautiful creatures I encountered on my journey through Iceland. I bet that their hair is a lot thicker and longer (like the fella in the second photograph from the top) now that the cold weather is setting in.

I also wanted to announce that my Black Friday sale has begun. All items are 20% off until December 3 in my Etsy Shop and December 8 in my Eye Poetry Shop. To my American friends, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Mary said...

incredible creatures, beautiful place. I love your works. :)

Nadia - The Life In A Year said...

beautiful beautiful photos... I love every single one!

tinajo said...

Amazingly beautiful! :-)

Balaphoto said...

Great job!! Congrats!!
Salut from Barcelona

Pat said...

Beautiful photos, Irene. You captured their energy with a hint of playfulness.

I love horses and can only imagine, like you said, these Iceland horses must have to have heavier coats to endure the elements.

Unknown said...

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