April 11, 2013

Iron Lace

The famous balconies of the French Quarter aren't so much French as they are a "Victorian elaboration on a Spanish idea". Whatever the influence, they are a pure delight. 


Chinwe said...

Gorgeous photos as usual. New Orleans is so photogenic. I've often wondered something as I've studied your work. How do you shoot those high angles of building, while keeping things straight? Do you straighten the lines in post-process, or do you always shoot from a high vantage point?

Eva Kondzialkiewicz said...

Wow, I love the depth of field you've used here. Your photos have a fantastically peaceful atmosphere!


Rebecca said...

Lovely work, Irene. My family is from New Orleans and I spend time there as often as I can. It's wonderful seeing these familiar scenes through your lens. You did a beautiful job capturing the mood and beauty of NO.

Irene said...

Thank you!
Chinwe: Sometimes I shoot with my 70-200mm lens, which helps to keep lines straight. Other times, I fix the photographs up in Photoshop.

Unknown said...

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