July 05, 2012

A Little Less Conversation a Little More Ocean Please

There's nothing quite like driving down Highway 1 in California with the car radio tuned to a retro radio station blaring glorious 60s and 70s tunes. That's how I discovered this fabulous cover version of Elvis Presley's "A Little Less Conversation".


~ Faith said...

I've always loved that version of the song, and now my toddler does too!

Beautiful photos! Were they all taken with your iphone?


Anonymous said...

Amazing captures!
I love this song! It was used in a commercial here in Europe, I don't remember what for, probably some sport brand!

Lela said...

Lovely,lovely, lovely pictures. I wish I could go to the beach right now!

Irene said...

Thanks so much!
Faith: These were taken with my digital camera (Canon 5D Mark II) and then processed in Photoshop.

AriadnaBach said...

the pictures are excellent.
They make you dream about summer holidays :D

Tricia said...

Hi Irene, You're photos are so dreamy! I love the drive up HWY 1 (Monterey is my absolute favorite spot), we take it about once a year. I also love Photoshop;P

Jocee said...

your photos are just fantastical. i'm just sitting here drooling.

Liza B. Gonzalez said...

You never disappoint.

Unknown said...

The feel of your photographs makes me long to be there. And before long, I will be when I move my daughter down to Davis California in September. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...


A New England Life said...

Wonderful bleached out colors, Irene. How I wish I could make that trip down highway 1. Maybe one day my husband and I will get there. Till then, thank you for showing us the scenery!

Marcie said...

Gorgeous summer scenes. And - yes - there's nothing like the cooling ocean!


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