January 11, 2012

Best of Nature

I'm so thrilled to have one of my photographs ("The Power of 10" shown below) included in the Best of Nature exhibition at the San Diego Natural History Museum. If you are in the area, the exhibition runs from January 9 to May 13. Not a bad way to kick off the new year! I hope your 2012 is grand!!


Anonymous said...

Stupende!!!! Bravissima!!!!
Teresa B.

tinajo said...

That is fantastc - congrats! :-)

nancy said...

oh, wow! that's incredible! congratulations :)

Aysh said...

Your picture is stunning!
Congratulations for making it on the exhibition.

A New England Life said...

Good for you Irene! What an amazing compliment to your work!

Anne said...


Marcie said...

WOW! These are absolutely fantastic. Each and every one!

lookyang said...

Awesome ♥

SKCPhotos said...

OH Just love that last shot. Fabulous images.

Sécia Mischke said...

Congratulations! You have a brilliant way of capturing something beautiful and making it look so dreamy. Love.

♥ sécia

Sonya - Lil'Soak+ Fairtrade said...

Congratulations! that's really cool. The horses have such a majestic magical quality about them and I love how you photographed it.

Sonya - Lil'Soak+ Fairtrade said...

Congratulations! that's really cool. The horses have such a majestic magical quality about them and I love how you photographed it.

helô beraldo said...

I've just got to know your art and I'm absolutely sure you deserved it!
A hello from Brasil to you and congratulations, your photos are amazinhg!

Anonymous said...

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