June 15, 2010

Scott + Stephanie | Montreal Wedding Photographer

My wedding season kicked off this year on April 24, with the beautiful wedding of Scott and Stephanie. I just loved the energy of this couple. Individually they are each so sweet, and together they are even sweeter. Here are some of my favourite images from the day.


Anonymous said...

What a fun wedding and you've captured it so beautifully! I adore the picture of the couple just outside the church doors with the bubbles in the background. So perfectly perfect

Irene said...

Thank you MP! I love that shot too.
The days of confetti seem to be largely over. It's now bubbles and flower petals, which I like more anyway.

Kellie McCann said...

I love the pics in the dinner(?). Did you actually get those on the wedding day? I barely have time to do bride and groom pics here let alone creative shots like that!

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Irene said...

Kellie: Yes we did. The Dairy Queen was right next to the church and it was a planned part of the portrait shoot. Great fun!

AbbeyHepnerPhotography said...

Oh those are lovely!