November 23, 2009

Brilliant trees

"And there you stand
Making my life possible
Raise my hands up to heaven
But only you could know

My whole world stands in front of me
By the look in your eyes
By the look in your eyes
My whole life stretches in front of me
Reaching up like a flower
Leading my life back to the soil"

~David Sylvian - Brilliant Trees


A said...

I love these photos! The lines, the light, the somewhat blur of them! Perfection!

L'Éphémère said...

Great effect! The lighting is perfect!

SeBiArt said...

Hi - just discovered your work on unocosa's scrapbook. i'm a photog too - in NYC/London. really lovely photos you've got - such a lovely ethereal feel to them. continued inspiration and light to you.

Shelley said...

wow. i found you on flickr and i have to say there is a strong possibility that you are my favourite photographer! all of your stuff absolutely blows my mind.

i can't believe i have only discovered your blog just now. i'm so following!

please don't ever stop taking incredible photos!

georgia b. said...


brilliant photos.

SabinePsynopsis said...

Love your 'brilliant trees' - the title says it all. Sabine x