September 17, 2009

Ryan & Dinah getting married

Ryan is a business associate and friend and I was absolutely thrilled when he asked me to photograph his wedding. I'm warning you now though. This is one adorable couple.

At the end of the portrait session, I decided to have a little fun with this pair. I asked Ryan to do his best Zoolander impersonation. Given that he's an actor and comedian, I knew he'd be up for it. Look out Ben Stiller!

Fabulous wind action!
The ceremony was very traditional and emotional. Although the guests couldn't see Ryan and Dinah's faces during the ceremony, I was in a perfect position to see their every smile and tear.

There was much dancing and rejoicing.

And some damn fine food.

Congratulations Ryan and Dinah! You truly deserve each other ... and I mean that in the best way possible :)