February 04, 2009

16 random facts (about me)

I was recently tagged to play the 16 random facts game by one of my contacts on flickr. So, here goes:

1. My first language was Polish.

2. The photograph above came from the first self-portrait session I’ve ever done.

3. I’m an only child.

4. When I was 9, my mother signed me up for modelling classes. I’m not sure why.

5. I hate the texture of cooked onions, which makes it difficult to eat in Italian restaurants.

6. Paris is my favorite city. I first went there when I was in high school as part of a French Club trip during March break. I’ve been there a total of four times.

7. I’ve had this really annoying ringing in my left ear (tinnitus) for about a year now. I learned that William Shatner, David Letterman, Bono, Sting, Barbra Streisand, among many others, also have it.

8. I became a certified yoga instructor 4 years ago, though it’s not my profession. I just loved yoga that much.

9. I studied psychology and French in university.

10. My favourite movie is Wings of Desire (the original German version).

11. Whenever I listen to the album Agaetis Byrjun by Sigur Ros, there is a point at which I invariably start to tear up due to its extraordinary beauty.

12. Whenever I go camping, I can’t sleep the first night because I’m convinced that every sound I hear is a bear prowling around outside the tent.

13. When I was a teenager, I was obsessed with the Beatles and I used to wish that I had been born early enough to have seen them in concert. I had to make due with stage show Beatlemania whenever it came to town.

14. Although I’m Canadian, I often use the American spellings of words by habit because I was a technical writer for many years and that’s the standard.

15. My favorite quotation is “follow your bliss” (Joseph Campbell).

16. If I’m flipping through TV channels and the movie Rosemary’s Baby is playing, I’ll often end up watching the rest of it. There’s just something about the look of that movie that I love.


Anonymous said...

What lovely randomness... it was a delight to read.

I believe your work embodies beauty and soul just as any artist and their muse... maybe even a parallel to Sigur Ros if your photography could be threaded into frequency I am sure it would tear many an eye...

Keep up the loveliness Is!

Lo Christine said...

Love the self-portraits! Are there different Canadian and American spellings for words? Interesting.

gh said...

You are an intersting person and very talented photographer.
I was tagged to play the same game, but have been reluctant.
You have inspired me to re-think this :)

Actually, I have an English background and find that I sometimes consciously go with the European spelling of words such as Colour, Fibre, etc.

Bethelyn K. Photography said...

these are so totally stunning. very interesting facts!

sølvi said...

I gave you an award on my blog, check it out...

Rena said...

Your photos are gorgeous!

Lana Manis said...

Your photographs are breath-taking!
I found your blog via your etsy shop and have "ooh-d and aaah-d" over all of your work.
We have a few things in common:
my birthday is in February too, the 18th; I've had tinnitus for several years ~ very annoying; and this is a stretch for commonality but... you do lovely work and I love your work, lol!

I've bookmarked your blog and will be back to visit again.

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