October 21, 2008

October gave a party

The annual autumn show is winding down, with more leaves on the ground now than on the trees. October is such a bittersweet month for me. Autumn would probably be my favorite season, if it wasn't followed by winter. As such, the beauty is always tinged with a bit of sadness, and the knowledge that the days will continue to grow colder and shorter. If I'm lucky though, we may get a few more glorious days like these.

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Tomorrow Collective said...

Leave it to you to quicken the heart with enchantment through a photograph! I adore your imagery, and I am captivated by its mystery, Thank You!

Geisslein said...

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Wayfaring Wanderer said...

That suitcase photo is enchanting.....I could stare at it for hours!

Anonymous said...

on dirait les images d'un conte de fée, c'est très beau !

Anonymous said...

Wonderfull shots! I like the suitcase!
Great colors and atmosphere!

Good evening!

Liz said...

Oh, and I didn't open my invitation from October quite in time, well, there are a few more days left of the party. Truthfully, the party is just beginning here in the bay area, just a few touches of red on the Liquid Amber trees, and a different autumn-y smell to the world. Beautiful images Irene, just glorious!

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