March 09, 2008

Spring is just around the corner ... can't you tell?

Okay nature, enough with the snow already!

Here in Montreal we got hit with two whopping snow storms this past week, bringing the total snowfall this winter season to 347 cm (135 inches). This is just shy of the record set in 1970-71 of 383 cm. Are we going for the record this year? Is that it?

In case you're curious, it took three people a total of 45 minutes to dig out the car (that's over 2 man hours)!


Anonymous said...

And, oh yeah, I remember 70-71. I think we were hit in a much shorter period of time back then.
I didn't go to school for two weeks. The police we're commandering snowmobiles 'cause cars couldn't get around that well. And people were literally skiing down the street. No joke.

Irene said...

We're going to need boats once these mountains of snow start melting.

Susan Schwake said...

oh irene... this photo makes me think of newyears day 2001. my husband and i were staying with friends on a street that looked exactly like the one in your photo.
i feel your pain. today, it's snowing again here.
i grew up an hour and a half south of you in vermont and skiing to friends homes was normal.
enjoying your work ...