February 13, 2008


Perhaps it was inevitable, but it’s very sad indeed. Polaroid has announced that they are going to stop producing instant film later this year.

Apparently, Polaroid is seeking a company to buy the rights for its instant film so that it will continue being made for enthusiasts. Let’s hope this happens. But, if Polaroid can’t afford to continue its production, who can? The article below indicates that Fujifilm will remain the only maker of instant film. Perhaps they will acquire the rights.

I just bought a Polaroid camera on ebay a few months ago, but haven’t had much time to play with it yet. I guess I’ll have to stock up on film while I can. TB, we might need a new fridge.

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Matt said...

They announced that 6 years ago and it didn't happen then, maybbe you will get lucky. Digital cameras are killing them though!

lavinia hanachiuc said...

I hate it too.I was in love with the 4x5 positive negative film and the emulsion transfer in the color ones.I hope they don't give up on it.I could never understand it how they could not find away to keep their prices lower.

Anonymous said...

Woah. That's gonna be a disaster for on-set film and TV continuity people everywhere...
I'm sure eBay will do a thriving business on film and such while it lasts.
I'v also heard rumours of a Polaroid digital camera with a tiny printer in it coming out for some time now. Perhaps something with a small bird with a stone and chisel inside the camera might work?

Irene said...

matt: I hope you're right. They did, however, make good on their promise to stop making Time Zero film about a year or two ago.

TB: I never thought of the whole film set angle, although I imagine a lot of that would be digital now, wouldn't it? The printer idea could be cool, but if it doesn't have that low-fi Polaroid look, there's not much point. It's the imperfections that people find charming.

Leaning Shanty Farm said...

Oh No!! That is awful!! As much as I love my digital camera, there is just something about the feel of holding a polaroid in your hand that is fantastic.