October 29, 2014

Of the Gods

As photographers, we often have "the shot" we want to get in our mind's eye before we get to a location. When we arrive, we discover we have so little control over so many factors. The only rational response is to be humbled by nature and to put aside expectations. I photographed Godafoss in Iceland in June of 2013 and there had been a lot of snow over the winter. It, of course, was all melting at this point and there were near-record amounts of water flowing over the falls, so they looked quite different from what I was expecting. The water level in the basin was so high that it was impossible to stand where needed to get "that shot".  In such moments, a few deep breaths are always helpful in clearing our noggins of preconceived notions and allowing our eyes and our hearts to take over.


Titta said...

Great pictures and wonderful place! We are going to Iceland in November and now I am quite sure we will visit also GoĆ°afoss waterfall.

gomsyhalkins said...

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Prakash Ghai said...

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Ellen said...

Your photos are so inspiring! Love your photography style!


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Duan Tran said...
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Ann-Christin Amberg said...

Love your photos :)


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