June 30, 2014

Sheltered Harbor (Honolulu)

Photographs of Hawaii's amazing landscapes are to come, but today I share some images of Honolulu. The tall white high-rises make this city look perpetually 1965ish to my eyes. I kept expecting to catch sight of Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord's original Steve that is). The views at sunset from Waikiki beach and the mountain are spectacular. Situated between a volcano and the ocean, how could it be otherwise? The fireworks and parade were in celebration of Kamehameha Day. Kamehameha was the monarch who established the Kingdom of Hawaii by unifying the eight islands.


Katherine Sews said...

Irene, photos are beautiful! we visited Honolulu a few years ago, and it's great to get another person's perspective on the place :) All of your tilt shifts are incredible :) Take Care.

Kailey said...

oh my gosh, these are incredible. I don't even have words for the beauty of these photos.

Katrina Medernach said...

I know two people have already said it, but I've got to say it again! These photos are gorgeous! I love the lighting in some of these...they're beautiful. Keep up the good work!

Daria Besedina said...

It's amazing! *__*
Great works, I'm in love.

Lauren Bond said...

This piece is incredible, it takes my breath away.

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Andrew P. Agosto said...

Awesome photography……..the only thing I don’t like about them is that I didn’t shoot them. clipping path