September 09, 2010

Do you realize that we are floating in space?

"Do you realize that you have the most beautiful face.
Do you realize that we're floating in space.
Do you realize that happiness makes you cry.
Do you realize that everyone you know will someday die."

I just adore this song by the Flaming Lips.


Unknown said...

Beautiful balloon shots, as always.

A said...

Beautiful, I really like those colourful hot air balloons! :-) (And I wish I saw them sometime so I could take a photo!)

inna karenina said...

those photos are amazing! love them! and the quote - love it as well. a wonderful post.

Rachel and David said...

gorgeous! these might just be my favorite photos on your blog... I love them!

Anonymous said...

very very lovely!

i'm an island girl said...

lovely!!! :)

Patricia said...

Gorgeous! Love all the colorful balloons! It must have been amazing to see. I would love to see such a site.

(οΎ‰・_-)☆*+cella:*+: said...

they look like something out of a fantasy picture book xD

nora chou said...
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Unknown said...

Here's an apt word poem for your eye poem:

We Ride Air Balloons

knowing the danger
of hot heights precarious
and quick combustion,
floating the chances for one
more trip, wits lost for skylust

Till We Land In Pasture

and weave new baskets
for flight at 3000 feet,
sleeping in the grass
tucked in blanket parachutes,
praying long prayers for lift.