December 18, 2008

Going medieval on winter

Thanks to Ellita on Etsy, I'm going to be warm and stylish this winter in one of her unique, knitted wearable works of art. She makes the most gorgeous scarves, collars, stoles, cowls, and capelets. Many have a hint of the medieval or Elizabethan about them. And she has some of the most gorgeous product photography in her shop.

I bought the first one pictured: the Royal Leaf Button Collar. Not only is it stunning, but it is so well-designed. It keeps the entire back of the neck and shoulders covered, which seals in the warmth. I love that the collar can be rolled down, or on those colder days, rolled up to cover the ears. Not being a hat person, I just love this about it.

Eat it winter.


jennifer lorton said...

These pieces are so beautiful, thanks for sharing.

Claire said...

WOW!! these are stunning!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip. these are gorgeous and smart. hopefully it'll keep you warm so you can take more photos outside--which keeps us warm.

Gary Heller said...

Great shots, and really stunning pieces. I dig the old world look and feel especially medieval stylings. I have seen a few of these type styles on Etsy, but these are some of the better ones I've seen.
It also helps that you model them very well.