September 26, 2008

Photographer's cup of morning joe

My but time flies when you're busy. I can't believe it's been more than a week since I last posted.

I just couldn't resist sharing this wonderful Photoshop manipulation (thanks for the link Lysanne!). The only problem is now I want one! Maybe I can submit a custom request on Etsy to have someone make me one. Mind you, I'd have to be willing to part with a lens. Here's the original photo.

A little aside here about the phrase "morning joe". According to a recent episode of Mad Men, the phrase refers to a Joe Martinson who owned a company called Martinson's Coffee. However, upon doing some fact checking, it seems that its origin is still debated. Other theories are that it refers to Admiral Josephus "Joe" Daniels, who abolished alcohol from the officer's mess so that coffee became the strongest available drink. Another is that it is connected to a song called "Old Black Joe", which was written in 1860, though the song has nothing to do with coffee. Or it could be a derivation of Java, which became a popular nickname for coffee in the 19th century. That's television for you (especially television about advertising)! End of history lesson. Have a great weekend!


Lysanne said...

Hey, speaking of home-made, ever thought of building your very own camera? This guy did, but on a very large scale!

(URL also in my name if Blogger eats the one above)

TB said...

Much better than the Morning Joe on MSNBC...

Irene said...

lysanne: Now that's dedication! As it is, I complain enough about the weight of my equipment, so I doubt it!
tb: You got that right!